Extreme Events

The Raid Extreme NL is the brain child of Koos Winnips, assisted by 'Team Extreme' (Bert, Klarie and Hubert).

Friends Eckhard and Ingo liked the concept so much that they created their own version during their Sailing Canoe Summer Holiday Camp in Stralsund on the Baltic.
So at last you can choose from two events or better, do them both.

At the Raid Extreme NL we will award an extra prize to sailors who participated in both events!

Raid Extreme Germany

14th August 2021

The Raid Extreme Germany is held at the Strelasund near the seaside town of Stralsund during the sailing canoe summer camp organised by Eckhard, Ingo and Bert Muller of em2.

They have their own campus here.

Whoever finds the most 'treasures' around the Strelasund is the winner. You can bring whatever watercraft. There is only one rule: no engine (and accepting a tow is also out of the question).
Bring your tent for camping and prepare yourself for sailing and rowing 50-60km.
Afterwards there you can warm yourself at a log fire!

Skippers meeting: 0543 at sunrise

Start: 0615 hours

More info: https://www.em2.de/events/

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