Report 2020

Report by Hubert; photos: various
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With Covid-19 it was a lottery how many sailors would attend the Raid Extreme 2020. 

The requirement for social distancing meant that our German friends from Bremen could not bring their big 6-person canoe.

Two sailors from the UK found the risks too big.

We were pleasantly surprised that French boat builder Emmanuel Conrath and 5 friends decided to come over to the Netherlands to sail with us.

As they were preparing for their trip, some of them found themselves in an 'orange zone' which required them to self-isolate in a yellow zone for 10 days before they could travel to the Netherlands. This sadly put an end to a promising new development. Emmanuel, Yves, Gerard, Marco, Benoit and William, we hope to see you next year.

So for the first time, we had an exclusive Dutch event with a gaggle of 8 boats.


Wim and Joke with wet bicycle cat,

Koos with Artemis sailing canoe,

Bert and Ton with big catamaran,

Hubert and Klarie with norwegian pram,

Onno and Anneke with Caledonian Yawl,

Hans and Margreet with two-master rowing/sailing sloop,

Ben and Yvonne with Vivier-designed Jewell,

Joost with Storer-designed Viola canoe


Most sailors and their boats travelled by car and trailer.

It was sunny blowing W4.

After lunch Hans and Margreet, Joost, Hubert and Klarie took their boats for a spin round the Schoenerbult island in the  middle of the Lauwersmeer. 

Ben and Yvonne and friends Herman and Eliane arrived a later with their Vivier-designed Jewell.

We had a nice meal on the terrace of Iterij bij de Mune in Anjum.


We started at 0900 hours with a W4 to meet Onno and Anneke at Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen. 

It was enjoyable sailing with a bit of sunshine and a bit of cloud.

Hans and Margreet headed the fleet with the very quick Wuptem. 

Then Bert and Ton overtook them with their big cat 'Feng Shui', occasionally reaching 19 knots.


Photo: IMG_1673.JPG - Launching Feng Shui.

While we were admiring the spectacle the fleet was hit by a rain squall just as we were heading towards Ezumazijl, our first stop of the day.

We doused the sails and started rowing in the canal.

The rain stopped just as soon as it had started.

After admiring the picturesque lock at Ezumazijl we found that the wind was increasing and put in a reef.

As we continued on a broad reach down the Dokkumer Diep our little fleet was met by Onno and Anneke in their Caledonian Yawl 'Gjoa'. Together we sailed on towards Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen and soon arrived at our destination for lunch:

the Marrekrite site near Kollumeroord.

Bert and Ton arrived a little later, having made some forays on the Lauwersmeer to kill the time.

They produced a gas stove and heated up tins of 'Erwtensoep' (pea soup) which is proper winter food.

But the hot soup was really welcome since the wind was on the increase again.


Photo: IMG_1670.JPG - Dejeuner a'l herbe

Photo: IMG_1669.JPG - Lunch is over

It was now blowing a good W5 so we decided to return to Oostmahorn.

Most boats put in an extra reef.

In the channel to the Lauwersmeer we needed to tack a few times.

Once on the main lake the waves were building but we were safe sticking to the windward shore.

By 1600 hours we were all back at Oostmahorn including Wim and Joke on their Wet Bicycle.


Photo: IMG_1668.JPG - Vivier-designed Jewell likes it wet and windy.

At the prize giving newcomers Ben and Yvonne and Herman and Eliane were awarded with Motivation awards.

The endurance trophy went to cyclists Wim and Joke who were knackered after pedalling 30km.

The main trophy went to grandmasters Hans and Margreet who would have won flat out had there been a race.

They would have won the innovation trophy as well for accidentally inventing the Saensche Snippersjips.


Photo: IMG_1666.JPG - Hans with overall prize

Photo: IMG_1674.JPG - Wim with endurance trophy


After breakfast at the Omaho club house, Ben and Yvonne sailed back to Zoutkamp with Herman and Eliane.

Hans and Margreet headed off to Lauwersoog and a trip to the isle of Schiermonnikoog off the coast.

Onno and Anneke took Gjoa back to Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen.


Photo: IMG_1672.JPG - Onno enjoying breakfast at Omaho beach

Koos, Hubert and Klarie sailed round the Schoenerbult with a lunch stop at 'Mai Tai' island. It was a relaxed trip with NW4 and not much waves. Round trip: 19km

Next year

In 2021 we want to bring the competition back so that we can have a proper Raid Extreme.

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