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RX24: 6-8 Sept

Fully booked!

To retain the campfire and DIY spirit of our event only a limited number boats can participate. We are aware that this also puts a limit on the number of newcomers. Here is our procedure for 2024:
- January 19th: mail to the veterans to register their return to Raid X
- February 25th, at sunrise: open registration page to all comers until we reach our limit.

February 25th: early this morning we opened the registration page and by 1400 hours we reached our limit. If you register now, you will be put on the waiting list. Be prepared to answer questions about your boat and sailing experience so that we can add you when a spot becomes available. 

RX 2023
Oldest boat wins

Twenty five boats sailed the 2023 edition of the Raid extreme challenge in very light conditions. Strong rowing / paddling skills were required to make it to the 6 checkpoints at the corners of the Lauwersmeer.

This year there were boats from Denmark (1), Germany (3), the UK (5) and 16 boats from The Netherlands.

Newcomers Rene and Eelco joined Viola Spek in the three-boat Viola 14 fleet. Rene was the surprise winner in this group.

Raban Stumme and Ralf-Peter Stumme rowed their gig 'Peter' around in 7.5 hours to win the overall trophy. 'Peter' was the oldest boat of the fleet and had been lovingly restored in 2021-2022.

Koos Winnips and Mark Whitelock put in hard work to become second and third.

A big thank you to the sailors: you came all the way to the Lauwersmeer to make this friendly competition a big success. Hope to see you return next year!

Read the full report here

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It is Saturday 0530 hours. It is still dark but you are awake in your tent. You hear other people getting ready for the race.
Quickly you slip into your clothes and walk to Omaho beach to prepare your boat by the light of your headlamp.

Once you are ready you stop at the Omaho Beach clubhouse for some breakfast.
You grab your sailing gear and join the others at Omaho Beach to count down to the start.
Then you are off to the water at sunrise.

During the following hours you sail and row to reach as many checkpoints as you can.

1130 hours: a little later than planned you land at Gin and Tonic' island to eat your lunch. You discuss progress with some of the other sailors. Then it is time to go again. You hurry to reach more GPS checkpoints while looking around how others fare.
Can you still get that to last checkpoint?
1650 hours: you made it in time with minutes to spare. Did you get all checkpoints? It doesn't matter anymore. You are tired but you made it.

It has been a wonderful day.



Open for all types of craft. Sail canoes, SUPs, catamarans, sail and oar boats, no engines allowed. Shallow draft boats are at an advantage. Be ready to make the course on muscle and wind power. Be ready to row upwind through small creeks. Be ready for waves and wind. Would it not be interesting, to see how all these boats fare?



The start and finish of the Raid Extreme 'Omaho Beach', the catamaran club at the entrance of Jachthaven Lauwersmeer in Oostmahorn. The club house at Omaho Beach will be the base camp during the event.
On race day, you have just under 10 hours to complete as many checkpoints as you like as long as you return at Omaho Beach before 1700 hours.



The Lauwersmeer can be a dangerous place. In big winds, big waves can build up at the lee shore. The central location of Oostmahorn means that you are never far from a safe haven. If you are not sure about safety, your equipment or necessary precautions, please ask.


We want to keep the Raid Extreme as light and informal as possible.

Our motto is 'you pay nothing, you get nothing'. So do not expect fancy prizes, rescue boats, racing committee, catering, prizegiving dinners, child care facilities or any form of organization and get ready to do your own thing.
We listed useful contacts in the Race Pack so that you make your own arrangements for your stay. Then it is very much bring your own boat, food and drink and be surprised how quickly you become friends with your fellow competitors.
How can you help to keep this free event going?
By making a cash donation at the Omaho clubhouse to our hosts, the folks of the Omaho sailing club. Thanks!


Our Friends

Many past competitors have become friends.Ingo and Bert of EM2 created their own Raid Extreme Germany on the Strelasund which is now held each year.
Many participants and we ourselves share the principle of sailing without an engine with our friends of Natuurlijk Varen and join their events.

We are very happy with our loyal friends at the Omaho sailing club, who let us use their clubhouse and beach at the Raid Extreme events.

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